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        >>  About Us
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        Shenzhen Yi Bo Tong Bicycle Part Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of bicycle saddles professional
        Company.Which is a strong team that has an annual output of can break through 3 million  production ability.The company integrated new product development shape design, production and manufacture sales and after-sales service as a whole.
        With the enterprise aim of” customer-oriented, environmentally friendly products production of refined, comfortable and safe “;The enterprise idea of"Stable operation, benefit management" ;And the spirit of enterprise:integrity,innovation,quality and dedication. Truly new and old customers for our good looks, comfortable, stylish and durable flexible service products. Development of new products based on the PU cushion, PU leather since become, EVA foam, memory foam,PU foam, TPR elastomer, GEL seat cover, baby carrier backpack, bicycle grips, bicycle saddle the various types and more upscale carbon fiber seat and so on. Fast personalized service, has produced products meet the latest international requirements: EN, ROHS, PAHS, CPSIA ,JIS standards.
        Based on the expertise and your support, devoting ourselves to a greater,stronger and more fine.Looking forward to working with you hand in hand to enjoy the abundance.


        add:No.11 Zhongtai Road ,The Second Industrial Zone, Lou Village ,Gongming,Guangming New Area,Shehzhen.
        TEL:0755-88214169 88214189     FAX:0755-88214129 Mobi:13823679491 Dana    E-mail:yibotong@sammoanie.com
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